When you choose to work with The SENTRY Group on your project you are guaranteed the “3 C’s”.

Craftsmanship. Competitive. Commitment.

At the Sentry Group we take pride in every project we do, whether big, small, or just doing a quick face-lift. We build quality projects, where the craftsmanship is clearly evident right from the start.


We are competitive, and fair. AS a matter of fact, we encourage clients to get more than one quotation. Your home is a part of who you are. The person whom you hire to come in to your home to renovate or build in your “space” should be there to do the job right the first time, and within your budget. You will never be surprised at the end of a job, as our contractors work directly with you and communicated along the process so that the build is transparent.

Our commitment to quality is unparalleled. When you see a project built by The Sentry Group, you will know it. We never leave a job until we are satisfied with the end result. And we encourage you, the Homeowner, to provide feedback to us throughout the job. We don’t believe you can “over-build”. We prefer to do more, rather than not enough. That is what has built our reputation over the years and continues to bring clients and their family/friends time and time again.


We treat every client like we want to be treated ourselves. This is a big part of why we have been around for over 30 years. Our clients become like an extended member of the Sentry family. They don’t just hire us for one project, but they bring us back again and again. Why? Because we don’t think you should settle. We put our heart and soul into every project. If it isn’t good enough for our house it isn’t good enough for yours. And we don’t leave the job until it’s finished to the high quality standards set out by our team of professionals.

Types of Projects:



Of course this is not an exhaustive list. It’s just some of our more recent work. And before you ask, yes, we have LOTS of references and would be happy for you to come out and visit one of our projects if you want to see us in action.