With our line-up of award winning contractors, skilled carpenters and landscape engineers, we will build you an extraordinary outdoor living space.

Whether it is the front of your house that needs a little curb appeal, or your back yard that requires an “oasis” or entertainment space, you will be choosing the right contractor when you call us. This is what we do. And because it is what we LOVE, we’re pretty darn good at it. We enjoy working with Homeowners across the GTA to design and construct outdoor living spaces that provide years of enjoyment and awesome memories.

Our expertise in designing custom carpentry projects and living spaces that impress, but it also includes the ability to listen, collaborate with and respect the needs of our clients. By working so closely with you, the Homeowner, ensures that the spaces we are building together are perfect.

We encourage you to look around and learn about the services that we offer and even talk to some of our clients. You will be able to see fairly quickly what sets us apart and why we love what we do. We work with great people and we work hard to make everyone happy. Remember, this is not just what we do. It is who we are.